Excert from the text: “Language as crime scene. The Creation of hate”.

“How has the European right managed to harshly change the discourse on human rights, democracy and Europe over the last few years? The right-wing extremist discourse openly uses a rushing and hateful language directed against democratic constitutions, human rights, interculturality and solidarity. Ten years ago, such a language would have provoked outrage. By 2015 at the latest, one of the largest linguistic-discursive reinterpretations of the 21st century took place: The perception of injustice in relation to human rights has radically changed. For example, refugees became “invaders”. Refugee helpers became “invasion collaborators”. A European policy that regarded asylum as a human right became a “grand coalition of the European abolitionists”, which called “millions after millions of Africans for the purpose of rearranging the western countries”.”