Shifting Baselines - PODIUM

SB-Podium is a space where scientists and people of knowledge share their theoretical experience of different shifting baselines. It is open to external experts but also to participants of the SB-Lab who give an insight on their research and reflect on relevant local and contemporary shifting baselines together with the audience. Our aim is to open different dimensions of the phenomenon and to roughly propose possible content lines to the practice in the SB-Lab. The SB-Podium will also be an opportunity to link the project to local needs and global perspectives.


Shifting Baselines - LAB

SB-Lab is a space where all invited artists and scientists meet and exchange their professional practices. They will research and experiment on a physical, artistic and theoretical level. The SB-Lab frames a common ground and creates an experimental set up with the intention to perceive and work on diverse subjects, forms and topics referring to contemporary shifting baselines. The themes of the SB-Lab will be proposed and realised by all participants equally based on their research materials or based on what they might produce through the initiated collaboration. The main focus within the collective reflection and practices will be to build a common methodology. That methodology should reveal the potential and political impact of the shifting baselines phenomena.


Shifting Baselines - CLUB

SB-Club is a place for reflection and documentation, conceived as an intimate space somewhere in the theatre building. The idea is to have a place of reflection on the personal experience within the project and where every participant leaves a personal trace for example through an audio, video or written statement. At the final event, SB-Club will be open for public, the audience is invited to participate and share their personal experiences, notions of shifting baselines, anecdotes, feelings …